Ultimaker 3

Professional 3D printing made accessible

Achieve astonishingly complex geometries and intricate designs with the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended. With a fully integrated system of hardware, software and materials, it's the most reliable, innovative dual-extrusion 3D printer on the market. Additive manufacturing has never been more accessible.

Ultimaker 3 #1

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Delivering accuracy and consistency

Ultimaker 3 Specs

Dual extrusion with water-soluble support - for complete design freedom

Enjoy more design freedom than ever before, with the most reliable dual-extrusion system available. Create intricate mechanical parts with water-soluble support materials, and quality prints with a unique automatic nozzle lifting system. With the Ultimaker 3, you can print with a huge range of materials: Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PVA, PC, TPU 95A and PP.

Live camera and WI-FI connectivity - for remote 3D printing and control

Send prints quickly and easily to your Ultimaker 3 via Wi-Fi, LAN or our Ultimaker 3 app, then monitor progress via the live camera. Integrated Wi-Fi lets multiple users control and monitor prints, and LAN and USB connection ensures uninterrupted printing around the clock.

Ultimaker 3 App

Material-matching swappable print cores - for higher uptime, faster changeovers

The Ultimakers 3 is designed for speedy changeovers, increased uptime, and consistent, high-quality results. Swap print cores in seconds and quickly switch between different material combinations for a more time-efficient workflow. The custom inner nozzle geometry per material type means a more reliable 3D printing experience.

Integrated 3D printing solution - for an unmatched printing experience

The Ultimaker 3 features a cohesive system, seamlessly blending hardware, software, and materials. This improves the workflow efficiency and print quality. The NFC scanner lets the printer know which materials are loaded. Via the network, Cura is aware of the print cores and materials being used, and since Cura comes with optimized printing profiles for each combination, it delivers impressive results with minimal hassle.

Download the Ultimaker 3 Brochure for more information.

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