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Advanced Training Systems

Advanced Training Systems (ATS) has developed Driver Training Simulators – Simulation-based driver training equipment and training methods that combine immersion, instruction, and media with driving simulation.  The ATS Driving Training Simulators are unique in that they enable new drivers to train on how to react in hazardous incidents that occur on the road, such as losing control due to ice, taking a curve at high speed, etc. without endangering themselves, their instructors, or other vehicles on the road.

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Simulation Training via Human-Centered Design

Each ATS commercial vehicle simulator, whether based on a tractor-trailer or commercial equipment, provides true-to-life driving environments, shifting and backing practices and emergency preparedness in a high-fidelity simulator platform.

ATS simulators provide student-paced, expert guided, basic to advanced driver training for both non-synchronous heavy truck transmission shifting training, and automatic vehicle control.

Using technology derived from the aerospace industry, ATS VR Simulator driver training is designed to function as a component of Quadrant Training Methodology which includes classroom, computer-based and simulator training in addition to training in a real truck.  All of these are necessary to properly train vocational operators.


  • Self-guided, student-paced, introductory Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Richly textured computer graphics
  • Interactive student practice sessions
  • Simulated training scenarios
  • Immediate feedback
  • Guided best practices
  • Audio coaching
  • Learning management system (LMS)


Shiftmaster – a Specific Task simulator that trains the student to properly master the shifting requirements of a truck that has a manual transmission. Shifting in large trucks is far more difficult than one would find in an automobile that has a manual shift transmission. The simulator system allows the student to be trained by the system without the need for an instructor.

Transmaster – the standard by which simulation platforms are judged, the Transmaster incorporates various aspects of any heavy truck model. Optioned to incorporate both passive-resistance and force-feedback steering along with exclusive classroom based content to effectively and constantly train tomorrows CDL Drivers.

Fleetmaster – provides true-to-life driving environments in a high-fidelity simulator platform, customizable to commercial transportation vehicles, motor coaches, heavy equipment, rural transit and military applications.

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