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D.I. Wire Plus Wire Bender

The D.I.Wire Plus transforms drawn curves into bent wire. Updated software adds more control to create more shapes with improved accuracy. A small size and light weight means that the D.I.Wire Plus is transportable and affordable. Expanded capabilities for producing shapes include directly importing SVG files, prototyping complex curves with script, and bending directly with G-code.

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The D.I.Wire Plus addresses the needs of STEM education, as well as short run production, prototyping and just-in-time manufacturing for industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, medical, to consumer products.

High-quality wire part fabrication has never before been this accessible.

For more information, download the D.I.Wire Plus brochure.

Basic Tech Specs

  • Wire Capabilities – Wire diameters from .062″ or 0.125″ (1.6mm or 3.2mm)
  • Maximum Bend Angle – 135°, material dependent
  • Materials – A range of materials, from stainless steel to high carbon steel, low carbon steel, copper, brass and aluminum.
  • Software – Software included: use SVG files, G-code, or script using Feed/Bend commands.
  • Machine – Dimensions: 9.5″x14.5″x6.75″ (24x37x17cm), Power Requirements: 100-240 V, 1.8 A, 50-60 Hz, Weight: 23lbs, 13oz (10.5kg), Operating temp: 64-85F (15°-30°C)
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