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D.I. Wire Pro Wire Bender

Introducing the D.I.Wire PRO, the newest CNC wire bender, offering the kind of power, speed, and precision that professionals never thought possible from a bench-top machine.The D.I.Wire PRO bridges the gap between time-consuming hand-bending and expensive large-scale, mass production CNC wire bending. Create smooth, tight radius curves for a range of wire from the fine orthodontic wire to stainless steel rod for industries including automotive, home appliances, furniture, robotics and more.

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D.I.Wire Pro  at a glance

  • Great for rapid prototyping & short run production.
  • Create segmented or smooth shapes.
  • Bends up to 180 °.
  • Strong enough for stainless steel.
  • Professional-level accuracy and repeatability.
  • Handles wire diameters 0.028″ to 0.1875″.

Download the D.I.Wire PRO brochure.

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