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Dremel Laser

Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter helps students learn 21st century skills and enhance problem solving and creativity. Students can ideate, design, prototype and assemble their visions into tangible items.

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Built To Last

With over twenty-thousand hours of extensive quality and endurance testing, the Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter is built for reliability to ensure continuous runtime during all your project needs.

Advanced Technology Made Simple

Engineered for ease of use and reduced frustration, Dremel has worked to provide a Laser Cutter with simplified systems you can trust. Equipped with intuitive, dynamic software, you’ll have everything you need in the box to get set up and creating.

Download the Dremel Laser Cutter brochure.

Features include:

  • LED LIGHTING – Dual LED strip illuminates projects for maximum visibility.
  • UPGRADED COMPONENTS – A premium machine, Dremel custom-designed the power supply and other critical components to ensure the highest quality.
  • SMART LASER™ SENSORS – The patented array of smart sensors with real-time safety diagnostics continuously monitor the laser to prevent potentially hazardous situations.
  • LCD TOUCH SCREEN – Start, pause and view project status directly on the LCD touch screen without the need to open software on computer.
  • NO INTERNET REQUIRED – Software built directly into the laser, enabling internet-free access to run with consistent, high-speed performance.
  • SMART CAMERA – Reduce misprints with built-in, high resolution smart camera accurate within 0.2 mm, used to align designs to irregular work pieces or scraps.
  • INTUITIVE, DYNAMIC SOFTWARE – Dremel’s laser software is easy to use and includes advanced features with which users can explore their creativity
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