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Epilog FiberMark 24 Laser Engraver

If you’re looking to produce the highest quality engraving results for bare metals and engineered plastics, the Epilog FiberMark 24 is the answer.

This one-of-a-kind fiber laser system features an open architecture software interface allowing you to print projects directly from any graphic software program of your choice.

Etch one piece or an entire table full of parts thanks to the flying-optic beam system that provides a larger work area than traditional metal marking systems.

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  • Made-in-the-USA Quality: Designed, engineered & built in Golden, CO
  • Epilog Job Manager: Management & workflow software – easily organize, edit, save & print
  • Laser Dashboard™: Print driver to choose from many engraving features
  • Fiber Laser Source: Etches directly into bare metal & marks plastics
    Moveable Home Position: Engrave odd-shaped items easily by setting a new home position
  • Red Dot Pointer: Provides a visible laser beam to help position projects
  • Rotary Attachment Compatibility: Engrave cylindrical objects with the optional rotary
  • Raster/Vector Color Mapping: Change your speed & power by using color settings
  • Networking Choices: USB & Ethernet connections, or connect wirelessly with a router
  • Permanent Job Storage: Store as many as 10 jobs up to 2MB in size
  • Job Delete at the Laser: Delete old jobs to keep laser job queue organized
  • Linear Encoders: Highest-quality engraving from the most precise motion control system
  • High-Speed Servo Motors: Faster servo motors that provide high-resolution engraving
  • 3D & Stamp Engraving Settings: Etch & cut stamps or create 3D curves while engraving
  • Super-Silent™ Cooling Fans: Quiet operation suitable for office environments
  • Air Assist: Remove heat & combustible gases from the cutting surface for cleaner cuts
  • Metal Bearings: Stainless steel bearings designed to last the life of the machine
  • Kevlar Belts: Our precision drive belts are made from B-style Kevlar for superior longevity
  • Easy-Access Storage Stand: Wheeled, free-standing cart for easier access


  • 30 or 50 watt fiber laser
  • 24″ x 12″ x 5.5″ (610 x 305 x 140 mm) work area
  • Easy-Access Drop-Down Door
  • Ability to create etched, annealed, & polished marks
  • 75-1200 dpi

Item Numbers:

FM24-30, FM24-50

Download the Epilog Laser Product Brochure for more information.

Visit the Epilog Laser website. 

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