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Techno BT1212 Benchtop CNC Router

The BT1212 Benchtop is an affordable precision compact CNC router for industry and educational institutes. These CNC router applications can include musical instruments, engraving, sign work, artistic carvings, and drilling, wood, foam, plastics, and light metals.

The BT1212 is a tabletop CNC Router powered by a brushless micro stepper motor control system. It is operated with an easy to use hand held controller and is compatible with industry standard G and M codes.

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The Techno BT1212 is a sturdy machine for precision engraving. It’s compact size allows it to fit almost anywhere. It has a very tight tool runout, providing crisp and clean engraving in wood, plastics, and light metals such as aluminum and brass.

The BT1212 is the perfect machine for engraving small plates, awards, signage, tags, and more. Whether your application requires the precision and detail for inlay work and engraving or the demands of cutting metals like aluminum and brass, it is designed to handle everything that sign makers typically work with.

The BT1212 is compatible with many popular graphic sign making software packages. Techno’s sales and technical support teams are well versed with the software and can guide you in picking the appropriate 2D or 3D package as well as the tooling and engraving bits for your application needs.

Ideal for use as a tabletop, desktop CNC router or on the new extrusion stand.


  • Precision ball screws on all three axes
  • 800 Watt (1 HP) Kress variable speed spindle – 8,000 – 24,000 RPM
  • Brushless micro stepper motor control system
  • Aluminum T-slot table
  • Compatible with G code and M codes
  • Cast metal base construction
  • Easy to Use Hand-Held Controller
  • Includes: 1/8″, 1/4″ collets and wrenches


  • Gantry Clearance = 6.0” (152.4 mm)
  • Max cutting speed: 150 in/min
  • Traverse Speed: 200 in/min
  • Accuracy = +/- .002
  • Power requirements: 110V
  • Weight: 250lbs

Download the Techno BT1212 Benchtop CNC Router brochure.

Download the Techno CNC Systems product catalog.

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