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Techno HD-II 2136 Tabletop CNC Router

Techno is proud to introduce the NEW HD II 2136 tabletop CNC Router, a compact version of a full-scale CNC system that can be implemented in a production environment or educational setting.

Techno CNC’s new HD II 2136 Tabletop CNC Router features a 20.5″ x 36″ process area, with a 7-1/2″ gantry clearance and a 9-1/2″ Z-axis stroke – comes standard with a 2HP HSD high frequency collet spindle, and vacuum t-slot table. Additional options include a steel base and full safety enclosure with door interlock ideal for educational institutes, a 4th axis rotary table, and tool kits.

Additional features include Ball screws on all 3 axes, brushless stepper motors (servo optional), Heavy duty phenolic vacuum table with aluminum t-slot channels, and Techno’s hand-held controller which is the heart of the operational system. This hand-held controller redefines the phrase “easy-to-use”.

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  • 20.5″ x 36″ Process area
  • Precision ball screws on all three axes
  • 2 HP HSD high frequency collet spindle
  • Brushless micro stepper motors and controls
  • Vacuum T-slot table for easy part fixturing
  • Easy-to-use hand held controller
  • Automatic tool calibration pad
  • Precision linear rails and bearings

The heart of the HD-II Tabletop CNC Router machine is it’s easy to use Hand-held Micro Stepper Controller. The hand-held controller is so user-friendly that setup, installation and training is completed through Techno’s self-taught, step-by-step manuals. Every command is very easy to read, understand, and execute. You will be cutting parts the same day you connect power to the machine!


  • Steel base with casters
  • Full safety enclosure
  • Cam Clamp
  • Clamp bar
  • Vise
  • Vacuum pump
  • 1.5 HP dust collector
  • Toggle clamp set (4 pc)
  • Coolant system
  • 4th axis rotary table with tailstock

Download the HD-II 2436 Tabletop CNC Router brochure.

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