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Xact Metal XM200S 3D Printers

By taking the essential additive manufacturing specs for metal powder-bed fusion (commonly known as Selective Laser Melting or Direct Metal Laser Sintering) and combining them with cutting-edge technology, the XM200S is able to offer uncompromising quality for users.

The XM200S makes quality metal powder-bed fusion 3D printing available to customers in high-performing applications like aerospace, medical and other applications where print speed is critical.

Metal powder-bed fusion provides high-quality and complex parts. It reduces total cycle time by about 50% and removes the need for wash/debinder and sintering/oven equipment used in bound metal deposition, atomic deposition additive manufacturing or other FDM-like metal 3D printers.

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XM200S Features

  • Large cubic build volume allows you to print multiple parts more efficiently and quickly.
  • 200W Yb fiber laser provides optimal power density and prints 20-100 μm layers with a spot size greater than 50 microns, providing precision to your build.
  • Precision high-speed scanner has minimal drift and warm-up time.
  • Patent-pending recoater uses a unique “bulb” shape recoating element that spreads powder like a blade yet provides compaction similar to a rolling element. The recoater’s compliant design allows it to negotiate out-of-plane growth.
  • Build chamber is easy to set up and simple to clean and maintain.
    Easy user access to filters, particle collection and overflow container.
  • Inert swap housing provides quick and safe filter changeovers.
  • Small footprint makes it easier to include additive manufacturing in your factory, lab or facility.
  • Modern software architecture offers a streamlined, intuitive and functional platform that supports visual workflows and remote monitoring.
  • Open platform provides qualified users the ability to develop their own printing parameters and use their own powder.

Xact Metal offers industry-standard:

  • Aluminum Si10Mg
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel: 316L, 17-4 PH, 15-15, 400 Series
  • Super Alloys: 718, 625, Cobalt Chrome F75, Hastelloy® X
  • Titanium Ti64
  • Tooling Steels: Maraging M300, H13

Download the Xact Metal XM200S 3D Printer information sheet.

Visit the Xact Metal Webpage.

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