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zSpace AR/VR Learning

The zSpace Inspire delivers high performance simulation for AR/VR instruction in science, math, and CTE that supports advanced professional applications and gaming, including eSports, CAD, and data visualization.

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The new zSpace Inspire and Inspire Pro have been built to deliver augmented and virtual reality experiences in math, science, and career and technical education CTE while supporting computing activities including eSports and CAD software. Experience immersion like never before with a device that does not require a head-mounted display (HMD) or glasses.


Every zSpace system has tracking built into the display


The zSpace stylus allows you to bring objects out of the screen as if they were real objects

Stylus Sensor Module

The Stylus Sensor Module (SSM) tracks the position of the Inspire and the stylus to create seamless, life-like 3D interactions


zSpace Content and Applications support a wide range of learning objectives from K-12 to CTE and Allied Health.  From learning genetics in zSpace Studio to practicing welding in WaveNG, there’s something for everyone in zSpace.

K12 STEM Apps

zSpace provides experiences to support students’ learning and curiosity. Augmented-Reality applications cover a wide range of learning objectives and bring the magic of zSpace to science, math, technology and careers. From learning genetics in zSpace Studio, to examining human body systems in Human Anatomy Atlas, to practicing welding in WaveNG, there’s something for everyone in zSpace.

K12 STEM Apps include:

  • Newton’s Park
  • BlocksCAD 3D
  • Geogebra Classic
  • VIVED Science
  • and dozens more!

Download the K12 Learning Applications brochure.

Automotive Training with AR/VR

Hands-on Practice, Simulations, and Assembly/Disassembly Training

The Automotive VR Training System by GTAFE offers extraordinary hands-on experiences while improving student interest and performance in mechanic training.  These applications greatly expand the opportunities available to students by eliminating consumables, reducing training space, and allowing students to prepare for industry certifications in a safe environment.

Automotive Learning Apps include:

  • VR Automotive Expert
  • VR Automotive Mechanic
  • VR Electric Automotive Mechanic

Download the zSpace Automotive Training with AR/VR brochure.

Advanced Manufacturing

zSpace delivers advanced manufacturing applications on its AR/VR platform to provide hands-on training to a wide variety of manufacturing processes from preventative maintenance and routine repairs to logistics and production.

Advanced Manufacturing Learning Apps include:

  • Pneumatics
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulics
  • Robotics Expert
  • Robotics Mechanic

Download the Advanced Manufacturing brochure.

Agricultural Sciences / Welding

zSpace provides a suite of learning applications to provide hands-on laboratory dissections for large and small animal science and a simulated welding training program.

Agricultural Sciences / Welding Learning Apps include:

  • VIVED Science
  • Canine Anatomy VR Trainer
  • Wave NG Welding
  • zSpace Studio – Genetic Opportunities

Download the Welding Wave NG for zSpace Brochure.

Allied Health

Create hands-on labs and prepare students for certification exams

zSpace provides a suite of applications to provide self-study experiences, hands-on laboratory dissections, and ECG certification preparation.  Students understand more deeply with 3D interactive experiences and their engagement soars.  The ability to do virtual dissections and anatomical exploration helps replace in-person clinicals typically conducted.

Allied Health Learning Apps include:

  • Human Anatomy Atlas
  • VIVED Anatomy
  • Virtual ECG

Download the Allied Health brochure.

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