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Allegheny Educational Systems Ultimaker 10th Anniversary Promotion

Ultimaker is having a 20% off promotion to celebrate 10 years of 3D printing magic!

When you participate in Ultimaker’s 10-year anniversary promotion, you’ll have the rare opportunity to save 20% on Ultimaker 3D Printing Value Packs.

These Value Packs include everything you need to start 3D printing:

  • Your choice of Ultimaker 3D printer (S5, S3, UM2+C, UM2+C Bundle)
  • Two Spools of PLA, TPLA, ABS or PETG
  • Easy remote 3D printing and monitoring
  • Unlimited secure project storage in the cloud
  • Enterprise-grade software and user management
  • Role-specific e-learning courses taught by experts
  • Direct support within 12 hours, Monday to Friday
  • One-year extended warranty (24 months total)

The value doesn’t stop with the 20% discount!

The Ultimaker S5, S3, and 2+ Connect are workhorse machines – proven to be incredibly reliable and easy to use.

Thousands of professionals world-wide, including engineers, designers, architects, doctors, educators – plus a good number of 3D printing enthusiasts trust Ultimaker 3D printers to provide all the necessary flexibility and reliability needed for their projects.

You will find them printing day and night in the factories, studios, and labs of some of the world’s leading companies – such as L’Oréal, NASA, Heineken, Ford, ZEISS, Owens Corning, ERIKS, Schubert (to name a few).

And Ultimaker is also the go-to FFF 3D printer brand for many 3D printing service bureaus and start-ups.

During 10 years of innovation, Ultimaker has won numerous review and design awards, as well as holding All3DP’s “Dual Extruder 3D Printer of the Year” title from 2018 to 2020.

And it’s not hard to see why.

For example, here are 4 of our favourite Ultimaker S-line printer features:

  1. Click-and-print compatibility with over 200 materials (including stainless steel 316L, glass and carbon fibre composites, and other engineering filaments)
  2. Advanced auto-bed leveling to ensure every print has the perfect first layer
  3. A touchscreen user interface that won a design award for ease of use (making setup easy in less than 30 minutes)
  4. Regular software and firmware updates so your 3D printing experience continuously improves over the years.

Plus, there are many more features listed on our Ultimaker product pages.

Allegheny Educational Systems Ultimaker 10th Anniversary Promo

You might think that would be enough…

But as part of the 20% off, each Ultimaker printer is bundled with your choice of material, a one-year extended warranty, and software that’s ready for business.

Called Ultimaker Professional*, this software plan unlocks the full functionality of Ultimaker Cura and includes:

  • Secure, remote 3D printing
  • Print queuing and print history (so you can avoid re-slicing)
  • User and printer management
  • An online parts library with unlimited secure storage
  • E-learning courses for application engineers and operators
  • Plus, networked Ultimakers you already own can also be added (with full fleet reporting)

Can you tell that we are excited to share this promotion with you?

It’s an amazing opportunity to take your 3D printing setup and ambitions to the next level.

*When purchasing an Ultimaker Anniversary value pack, you receive $600 towards your first year subscription. This equals the price of Ultimaker Professional Tier 1 (1 printer) if you are set up in a higher Tier you receive $600 towards your first year.

Normally a Value Pack with an Ultimaker S5 would cost $7,899.90**…

But, starting today, you can grab this fantastic 3D printer for just $5,937.48** – saving $1,962.42**.

So with that being said…

Contact us today to get 20% off your Ultimaker Value Pack!

Contact Us Request a Quote

We should also mention that the promotion will only last until midnight on December 31.

But perhaps more importantly:

We only have a limited number of Ultimaker units available to receive 20% off – meaning there’s a real chance that we might sell out over the next weeks and months.

So we hope you will take us up on this offer while it’s still available…

Helping us celebrate Ultimaker’s 10-year anniversary and making another decade of 3D printing magic happen.

**Does not include shipping, set up and/or training

Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotional pricing does not apply to Costars and NY State purchasing contracts.
  2. Incentive applies to purchases made from Ultimaker’s authorized participating resellers between October 1st through December 31st, 2021.
  3. Customer consents to sharing their information with Ultimaker for the purposes of administering this promotion and activating the professional software subscription.
  4. Upon purchase of an Ultimaker Anniversary Value Pack, the customer is eligible to receive $600 towards their first year of Ultimaker Professional software subscription. This equals the price of Ultimaker Professional Tier 1 (1 printer). If the customer is set up in a higher tier, they receive $600 towards their first year.
  5. Receipt of the $600 discount towards their first year subscription to Ultimaker Professional is contingent on the customer meeting the following requirements:
    • The customer must sign up (or in) to Ultimaker Essentials when prompted by Ultimaker to do so
    • The customer must upgrade to Ultimaker Professional before December 31, 2021. Customers will be informed by Ultimaker and/or their Sales Partner to do so
    • After their trial period of maximum 3 months, the customer will be billed for their subscription by Ultimaker, taking into account the $600 discount for their first year
  6. Validity or rights to promotion is at the sole discretion of Ultimaker and no further rights can be derived from this promotion.
  7. Ultimaker is not liable for any damage suffered by the participant as a result of the promotion, including, but not limited to, damage as a result of not being able to make the conditions, not timely and/or incomplete, for whatever reason.
  8. Ultimaker reserves the right to terminate promotion at any time.
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