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Allegheny Educational Systems Welding with VRTEX Engage

Lincoln Electric

The road to educating a skilled welding workforce starts with one small step. Make that small step a giant leap with VRTEX Engage.

For some, the first step into the virtual learning environment can be a big one. Lincoln Electric makes that first step easier with VRTEX® Engage™. This standalone foundational system is designed to introduce students to the skilled trades – specifically arc welding.

Allegheny Educational Systems VRTEX Engage

VRTEX Engage Benefits:

  • Learn anywhere – The portable VRTEX Engage system sets up anywhere to introduce skilled trades to students who are ready to explore a possible career in welding or consider degree programs in engineering and related fields.
  • One Small Step – VRTEX Engage provides an introductory environment that incorporates STEM features, exposure to welding safety, procedures and techniques.
  • Capable Education Tool and Increase Hands-On Practice – VRTEX Engage provides instant feedback and assessments on safety and correct welding procedure settings. Students may view a demo of each weld, perform the weld and replay their own weld with the instructor for review and analysis.
  • No hidden fees – With VRTEX Engage, there are no licensing requirements or annual fees for use.
  • Reduce Costs with No Waste – VRTEX Engage helps your program reduce overall operating costs, as there is NO waste – no use of steel, electrodes, wire, shielding gas.
Allegheny Educational Systems VRTEX Engage

Features of the VRTEX Engage:

  • Complete package
  • View a demo of each weld
  • Instant feedback and assessments – Evaluate student understanding of basic welding safety and weld procedure setup.
  • Video replay for instructor or student review – For instructor or student review and analysis on the welding process.

Options Available:

  • K4299-1 – VRTEX® Engage™ Standard Frequency
  • K4299-2 – VRTEX® Engage™ Alternate Frequency 1
  • K4299-3 – VRTEX® Engage™ Alternate Frequency 2
  • K4299-4 – VRTEX® Engage™ Alternate Frequency 3

VRTEX Welding Transfer Modes:

Simulates short arc, spray and pulse


Middle School, High School, Technical College, Engineering

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